Aitch: An Open Studio

4 October - 31 December 2023
Colours, patterns, chintz, wallpapers, folk art, all is going in Aitch’s work. Influenced by English country houses, regency, Bloomsbury, folk art and naive art, modernist art, architecture and everything. His own background has been interior design, and now with his experience he paints imaginary interiors. Aitch is to transform the gallery space into his own studio for three months, where he will be creating his work. As a keen collector of objects, he will be playing with windows while painting interiors, making interiors of interiors, in the paintings, on the windows.

For the last three months of 2023 the gallery is inhabited by Aitch, who is taking over the gallery and turning the space into his own studio, painting his works in situ.

The gallery is fully active during this period and continues dealing with sales, enquiries, and communication via our website and direct contact.

We look forward to starting afresh in the early days of 2024 with an exciting new programme.

Watch this space…..