An installation by Sasha Bowles

Ramsgate Belles merges the opulence of 18th century architecture, a bathing hut, the iconic Lift towers with archetypal female classical sculptures, brought together in a seaside montage. The gallery space is turned into a stage where metaphors are deployed from an unfolding theatre set.  Made entirely of paper, cardboard, painting and photomontage, the installation refers to times when women could only enjoy the pleasures of the sea by emerging demurely from bathing huts, and to their deep aspiration for fulfilment and transformation.  The two windows provide a grand double entrance frame to this sublimated narrative.  The installation is only accessible from the outside and passers-by have to peep through the glass door to decipher its multidimensional layers, appearing figures and perspectives. The installation is an homage to Ramsgate, a town still somewhat inhabited by its vanished past. 


Ramsgate Belles is on display until 6 February 2022

1 January 2022