Ramsgate Belles- Public Photoshoot Happening

Saturday 29 January 2-4 pm
You are invited to join us for a photoshoot session at the occasion of Sasha Bowles' installation Ramsgate Belles, which has adorned the entire volume of the gallery throughout January.

Come and play with the Artist, who for this special occasion has added to her stunning live size montage some new stand-in cut outs. Like in the good old times of Victorian fun fairs we will all be able to pose with our family and friends for memorable snapshots and photo souvenirs.

Since early January, the gallery space has been turned into a stage where metaphors are deployed from an handmade unfolding theatre set. An homage to Ramsgate and its popular history, its architecture and the Sea, Ramsgate Belles is a joyful celebration and witty play on past and present.

We look forward to seeing you all and join the fun.

The installation will be on view until 6 February 2022.
26 January 2022