Sasha Bowles

Ramsgate's Great - By Sasha Bowles

The love story of Sasha Bowles with Ramsgate started in January 2020 with her remarkable evocation of the town, Ramsgate Belles, a mighty three-dimensional installation in the gallery, as a life-size theatre set made of multiple stages telling tales of the town. This year, and thanks to Hold Creative Spaces, the artist is providing Ramsgate with a wild imagery large-scale billboard installation, in what is an homage to the culture of the place, the jewel of the Victorian age.  The once striving High Street leading to the magnificent Royal Harbour is now interspersed with closed premises, in an ever-spinning circle between prosperity and distress, which is, thankfully, albeit only recently, being reclaimed by community projects and artists collectives.  Her large billboard series run like a frieze on a large swath of empty shop windows and is unashamedly joyous, looking towards the future.


On View in March  and April 2024, The High Street, Ramsgate

5 March 2024