Anna Silverton


Anna Silverton is an established ceramic artist, well known for her finely wheel-thrown porcelain. She has exhibited widely in the UK and has had public/architectural commissions around the world. 


Anna graduated from the Royal College of Art with an MA in Ceramics and Glass in 1987.  She subsequently lived and worked in New York USA, where she taught and had a studio at Syracuse university. She returned to the UK and set up her studio in London in 1993, with the help of a Crafts Council Grant. In March 2022 she moved to Ramsgate in Kent, where she has her new workshop and home.

Personal statement:

Everything I make is wheel-thrown in porcelain as a unique piece. Recurring themes in my work involve contrast between intuitive playfulness and precision, subverting classic and contemporary. My vases and bowls refer to subliminal past and future; history and potential are brought together through common processes. I explore the capacities and limits of porcelain and the alchemical material possibilities of glaze. Due to its unique qualities, there is a balancing act when I experiment with shapes in porcelain, between control and risk. Any improvisation carries jeopardy, always worthwhile when making meaningful discoveries.


I relish the tension created by extending and constraining soft porcelain as I work on the potter's wheel, the focus at this stage is on silhouette. The surface of each piece is turned on the wheel and finished with diamond pads to ensure unblemished smoothness. My current work also incorporates colourful and layered glazes, these also distance any historic allusions. Tactile surfaces are punctuated with meticulous unglazed details at the rim and base, revealing and highlighting the purity of the porcelain. Each piece is unique but there is cadence and harmony when they are placed in groups.