The Passing Winter: A display

5 January - 11 February 2024

Fabio Almeida

Katrina Blannin

Fiona de Bulat

Justin Hibbs

Caroline List

Bérénice Mayaux

Anna Silverton

Bob and Roberta Smith


The month of January could not be open in better ways than with a display of some of our brightest stars.  2024 should be a very strong year - hard to know which way it will go - so this show is just a fresh way to bring some colours, some humour, some outlines, some light in the direction of the future.  This year we will be making a lot of interiors within the confine of the gallery (galleries... as we are also soon going to be in Paris running a solo exhibition by Bérénice Mayaux), a lot of homely design, a lot of personal space, friendly environment, a lot of thought into what it is we want from art-made objects, why they are with us, what they are and why they matter.
Installation Views