Caroline List British

Caroline List is a London based British abstract painter and sculptor.  her work explores the structural forms of landscape and perspective.   Her research for abstraction consists at the same time in the removal of any subject matter other than colour and geometry, and in the unconscious associations triggered by the absence of physical representation.  

The opticality of colour in her work refers to the infinite, the sublime and the distancing of virtual screen photography, whilst the clean circular elements create a visual tension and movement between form and vanishing points. The colour conversation within these works is informed by several references; signatures observed within nature; atmospheric light; colour theory and formal abstraction, particularly influenced by the colour field painters, The Supremacists and geometric construction.

Since graduating with a MA in painting, Chelsea School of Art & Design, Caroline has exhibited in solo and group shows in London, America, Toronto, Paris, China and also curated several exhibitions in the London contemporary art scene. Over the years her work has been collected by a number of private collectors as well as corporate collections including, the contemporary arts society, Neuberger & Berman New York, Fidelity Financial contemporary collection, Lehman Brothers, and JP Morgan Cazenove, along with a number of private collections such as the Groucho Club in London. Caroline currently works from her studio in Islington and teaches part time at central Saint Martins school of Art & Design, ual, & the Art Academy, London.