Justin Hibbs’s practice picks apart the mechanics of spatial perception and representation, drawing upon social, political and aesthetic agendas encoded within architectural structures. Much of his work is a renegotiation of the visual language and ideological legacies of modernism, probing real and idealised notions of space. This is enacted through a uniquely multi-disciplinary approach that incorporates painting, drawing, sculpture and architectural interventions. 

 “Travelling through Hibbs’s species of spaces, passing between dimensions that echo, self-sample and glitch, one might grasp that the whole, overarching the individual works and what they refer to, is a situation, a system, a cybernetic totality, always something else that one might click through toThe result is a model of art making, and particularly exhibition making, that when inhabited so that that the individual artworks cohere into one pulsating larger one, feels simultaneously inventive and a little frightening, since it’s tied to proliferation, not closure.”  Martin Herbert 2015.

  • Justin Hibbs, Rejillas de Ventanas, 2016
    Justin Hibbs
    Rejillas de Ventanas, 2016
    Ink & Enamel paint on paper
    41 x 30 cm
    16 1/8 x 11 3/4 in
    Signed and dated on reverse and inscribed in pencil: "Rejilla de Ventana, Study after visit to DF Mexico in prep for Abstraction II exhibition. 2016, ink and enamel paint of paper"
  • Justin Hibbs, Anti-Alias (version II), 2015
    Justin Hibbs
    Anti-Alias (version II), 2015
    Mirrored dibond
    100cm length
    70cm height x 30cm width
  • Justin Hibbs, Re-Sample, 2015
    Justin Hibbs
    Re-Sample, 2015
    Lambs wool, jacquard weave
    70 x 100 cm
    27 1/2 x 39 3/8 in
    Edition of 7
  • Justin Hibbs, Sign Language XIII, 2015
    Justin Hibbs
    Sign Language XIII, 2015
    Vinyl Adhesive on Museum board in Perspex Frame
    43.5 x 31 cm
    17 1/8 x 12 1/4 in
  • Justin Hibbs, Self-Assembly II, 2014
    Justin Hibbs
    Self-Assembly II, 2014
    Adhesive vinyl on aluminium
    57 x 86 cm
    22 1/2 x 33 7/8 in
  • Justin Hibbs, Self-Assembly III, 2014
    Justin Hibbs
    Self-Assembly III, 2014
    Adhesive vinyl on aluminium
    64 x 83 cm
  • Justin Hibbs, Inverse, 2013
    Justin Hibbs
    Inverse, 2013
    Vinyl Adhesive on Black Perspex
    60.8 x 35.5 cm
  • Justin Hibbs
    Justin Hibbs
    Vinyl Adhesive on Museum board in Perspex Frame
    43 x 31 cm
    16 7/8 x 12 1/4 in
Justin Hibbs (b. 1971) studied at CSM, London (1991-94) He has exhibited his work both nationally and internationally and has also curated a series of artist-led exhibitions. Solo shows include: Between Before and After at Arroniz Arte in Mexico City (2018), Alias_Re_Covered (2015) at Carroll / Fletcher; PARA/SITE (2013) & Secondary Modern (2010) at Christinger De Mayo gallery, Switzerland; Altneuland (2007), Lucy Mackintosh Gallery, Switzerland; Metroparadisiac (2006) and I'll Wait for you (2005) at the One in the Other Gallery, London.  Recent group exhibitions include Rules of Freedom, Collyer Bristow Gallery, Shapeshifters,Arthouse1 London; Abstraction I, Arroniz Gallery, Mexico, Pencil/Line/Eraser (2014), Carroll / Fletcher, London; Superstructures (2013), Arroniz Arte, Mexico City; Oh My Complex, Kunstverien Stuttgart, Germany. 

Education 2008 – 2009 PGCE, Arts University College Bournemouth. 1991 – 1994 BA (Hons) Graphic Design. Central St. Martiins, School of Art

Solo Exhibitions

2018 Between Before and After, Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City

2015 Alias_Re_Covered, Carroll/Fletcher Gallery, London

2013 Justin Hibbs & Monica Ursins Jäger, Christinger De Mayo, Zurich, Switzerland.

2010 Secondary Modern, Christinger De Mayo, Zurich, Switzerland.

2007 Altneuland, Gallery Lucy Mackintosh, Lausanne, Switzerland.

2006 Metroparadisiac, One in the Other gallery, London.

2004 I’ll Wait for you, One in the Other gallery, London


2012 Temples to the Domestic, at the Clifford Chance Sculpture award. Co-curated with David Ben White

2010 Misfits, Galerie DS Contemporary Art, Belgium, including Jake Clarke, Jeff Dennis, Clive Hodgson, David Lock, David Ben White, Justin Hibbs.

2008 Working Space I, University of the Arts Gallery, London. Working Space II, Lucy Mackintosh Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland. Group exhibition co - curated with David Ben White including Paul Eachus, Richard Galpin, Justin Hibbs and Dylan Shipton.

2005 News from Nowhere, Lucy Mackintosh Gallery, Lausanne, Switzerland. Group exhibition including: Michael Ashcroft, Juan Bolivar, Andrew Grassie, Alistair Hudson, Justin Hibbs and Peter Liversidge.

Selected Exhibitions

2020 Winter Salon, Laurent Delaye Gallery, Ramsgate.

So What, Arróniz Arte Contemporáneo, Mexico City

The Collectors Room, JGM Gallery,

London Substance Bundle, Koppel Projects, London

2019 Vanishing Points, the Foundry Gallery, London

Shapeshifters II, Arthouse1, London

Observation Rooms, Arthouse1, London

Border Controls II, Sevenaks, Kaliedosope Gallery

2018 Rules of Freedom, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

Border Controls, Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs, No format Gallery,

Do Re Mi So Fa La Te, Griffin Gallery Perimeter space, London

2017 StrangeLands, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

2016 Abstraction 2, Arroniz Gallery, Mexico City

Concrete, Pullman Court, London

Complicity, Collyer Bristow Gallery, London

Shapeshifters I, Arthouse1, London. Bread & Jam, London

Counter-Fitters, Geddes gallery, London

Phase-1, Ruskin Gallery, Angela Ruskin University, Cambridge, England

2015 Distressed Geometry, Kunstraum Baden, Switzerland

Doppleganger, No Format Gallery, London

2014 Pencil / Line / Erasure, Carroll Fletcher Gallery, London

The New International, Galeria Pilar, Sao Paulo.

Weltentwürfe, Kunsthaus Grenchen, Switzerland

Un-dwelling, Fox & Worthington, Bridport, UK.

2013 Superstructures, Arroniz Arte, Mexico City

2012 Oh My Complex, Kunstverien Stuttgart, Germany

One on One on One, K3 Projects Zurich, Switzerland

Lost Properties, Coleman Projects, London

Polemically Small, Orleans House, London.

Temples To The Domestic, Clifford Chance, Canary Warf, London

Critical Dictionary, at the Work Gallery, Kings Cross, London

Drift, at Lumen United Reform Church, Kings Cross, London. 2011

Polemically Small, The Future Can Wait presents, Torrence Art Museum, California, U.S.A & the Charlie Smith Gallery, London

2010 Jerwood Drawing Prize, The Jerwood foundation, London.

Dawnbreakers, Hansard Gallery, Southampton.

Misfits, Galerie DS, Belgium.

2009 Remain in Light, W139 Gallery, Amsterdam, Netherlands.

Bakers Dozen, Cafe Gallery Projects, London.

Recession and Aesthetics, One in the Other, London.

Form Follows Attitude, Artrepco Gallery, Zurich, Switzerland.

2008 Working Space II, Gallery Lucy Mackintosh, Lausanne, Switzerland.

Working Space, curated by Justin Hibbs and David Ben White, UAL

2005 Yabadabadoo, Cell Projects, London.

The future lasts a long time, Le Consortium, Dijon, France.

News from Nowhere, Lucy Mackintosh Gallery Lausanne, Switzerland