Winter Salon: Ramsgate

22 February - 31 March 2021
Winter Salon is a new yearly event organised by the Laurent Delaye Gallery in Ramsgate.  IN NOVEMBER 2020 the Winter Salon OPENED FOR ONE DAY at the Vinyl Head Gallery in Addington Street BUT HAD TO CLOSE BECAUSE OF THE COVID-19 NATIONAL LOCKDOWN. The exhibition was re-launched online and run from 22 february to 31 march 2021.


For the first edition of the Winter Salon in Ramsgate the gallery brings together eleven artists.  Coming from all different horizons and practice, working with multiple media, and often with an already established international career, they encompass diverse schools of thoughts and traditions within the realm of contemporary art.   In the narrow and open space of the Vinyl Head Gallery the curators aimed for chaos and order, opposites, clashes, anarchy, where each work interplays with others and defines its own boundaries.  



Installation Views