Claire Pestaille's work explores historical and contemporary iconography, examining the construction of femininity through the disruption of photographic imagery. Uncannily bewitching and intricately delicate, her artwork exudes dualities of beauty and horror, glamour and subversion.  The source material for her work includes portraiture from the Golden Age of Hollywood incorporating film stills along with contemporary and vintage photography. These snapshot images containing memories of a past age fulfill a sense of nostalgia, identity and authorship which are transformed and re-imagined through the act of collage and painting.  A new conversation or connection becomes established through the deconstruction of one image and its marriage with another.  Pestaille adopts a variety of methods  in order to produce these often,  psychologically charged works. The final result questions the conceptual nature of the image and our relationship to it, offering an alternative way of seeing and understanding the collective memory of images pervasively part our cultural landscape.

Claire Pestaille lives and works in London, UK. 

She graduated fron the Royal College of Art in 2000 and has since exhibited internationally, including France, Vienna, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. Her work is in private collections including The Saatchi Collection, The Zabludowicz Collection, Project New Art Netherlands, TI Group Art Collection, Kate Moss, Soho House, The Ned and Cafe Royal.

Claire Pestaille lives and works in London, UK. 
She graduated fron the Royal College of Art in 2000 and has since exhibited internationally, including France, Vienna, Switzerland, USA and Hong Kong. Her work is in private collections including The Saatchi Collection, The Zabludowicz Collection, Project New Art Netherlands, TI Group Art Collection, Kate Moss, Soho House, The Ned and Cafe Royal.

Claire Pestaille

Born 1975, London, UK



1998 - 2000                                   

MA Painting, Royal College of Art, London

1994 - 1997                                   

BA(Hons)1st Chelsea College of Art, London


Art Foundation Camberwell Collage of Art and Design



The Zabludowicz Collection

The Saatchi Collection

Kate Moss

Project New Art, Netherlands

Kai van Hasselt

Gerrit Groen

Alex Kleinburger

Nick Crean

Royal College of Art                                                                              

Laura Ashley Foundation

TI Group Art Collection

Soho House

The Ned

Hotel Cafe Royal, London



-Hotel Cafe Royal. 

Photo collage, portrait/interior project for the corridors of Cafe Royal Hotel, inspired by my collection of work from the Femme Maison series.

-MoreYoga (Wembley Park)

Creating a hand painted wall mural for a new yoga studio. Inspired by the design of the mandala, hamsa and the colours of Mexico.



-Vault 100, The Ned, 27 Poultry, London


-Brooklyn vs London, 12th-27th June 

Carousel, 1st Floor, 71 Blandford Street W1u 8AB


- Red Vatican, Shorditch, London, UK

- Signal 8, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

- Miami Biennale, Nina Torres Fine Art, Miami, USA

- Library, Private members club, Soho, London, UK

- Chinese Open, QPark, Chinatown Soho, London, UK


- Wonderworks, Cat Street Gallery, Hong Kong

- Lovin' it: Symbol and Contradiction, Bromer Art Collection, Switzerland

- The Looking Glass: Refraction Through The Female Gaze, Mirus Gallery,

  San Fransisco, USA


- Saatchi Gallery At The Hyatt: One Giant Leap,

  Hyatt Regency Hotel London

- The Santorini Biennale of Arts, Santorini, Greece,


- Saatchi Gallery, The Future Can Wait, Channel 4’s New Sensations,

  Victoria House, London

- Charlie Sierra Lima, Charlie Smith Gallery

- Polemically Small, Klaipedia Center, Lithunaia

- Polemically Small, Torrance Museum, Los Angeles

- Polemically Small, Charlie Smith Gallery, London


- La Belle Dans Sans Merci, Vegas Gallery, London

- The Term Reality, Paul Stolper Gallery, London

- Paprophillia, Charlie Smith Gallery, London

- Art Blitz, Transition Gallery, London

- Demonology, Charlie Smith Gallery, London

- The Future Can Wait, Shorditch Town Hall, London


- Promenades Insomniaques, Sleeping/dreaming in contemporary art,

  curated by Marie Shek, Passage de Retx, Paris.

- Same as it Ever Was, Painting at Chelsea 1990-2006, curated by Clyde Hopkins, Chelsea Future space, London

- Awopbopaloobop, Transition Gallery, London

- My Art, Collectors share their passion, Zuiderzeemuseum,  Netherlands


- Jerwood Contemporary Painters, touring exhibition

- Salon Nouveau, Engholm Engelhorn Galerie, Vienna

- Claire Pestaille, solo exhibition, Rokeby, London


- The Portrait, Ashwin Street, London


- Necromancy, Rokeby, solo exhibition London

- Young Masters, St John Street, London, curated by Flora Fairbarn and  Marjorie Allthorpe-Guyton

- Acid Drops and Sugar Candy, Transition Gallery and FosterArt, London

- Hand in hand we walk alone, Clapham art gallery, London.

- Awopbopaloobop, Transition Gallery, London

- Faltering Flame, Graves Art Gallery, Sheffield, curated by David Thorp, Sheffield, UK


- Forever Beautiful, Clapham Gallery, London

- Short Stories About Glamour, Hiscox projects, London

- Gothmoth, Transition Gallery, London

- The Great Unsigned at Izo Gallery, curated by Soraya Roderiguez and  David Thorp, London

- The Great Unsigned, The Zoo Art Fair, London

- Aftershock, A1 Gallery, Hong Kong,

- Faith, Transition Gallery, London

- Faith, C.A.S Gallery, Osaka, Japan


- A Portrait of Francis Bacon as a Corpse Exquisite, Mitchell st, London

- Bad Touch, International drawing show, Keith Talent Gallery, London


- State of the House, curated by Sadie Murdoch,  Korean Ambassadorial  Residence, London

- The Discerning Eye, Mall Galleries, London


- Assembly, Stepney City, Jubilee Street, London


- Be Faithful to your dreams, TI Group, London

- Ante chamber, Cite Internationale des Artes studio, Paris


Solo Exhibitions


- Claire Pestaille, Rokeby


- Necromancy, Rokeby, London


- Borderline, Duncan Cargil Gallery, London


Reviews / Publications


-Imago Mundi project with Francesca Gavin and  Pernilla Holmes.


-Moon Man Magazine, London


-Pine Magazine, New York


- Eyemazing Susan, Annual Pictorial.



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- The Term Reality at Paul Stolper by Lauren romano




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artists included the Chapman Brothers, Tracy Emin, Christian Ward, Stuart Brisley, Jeremy Deller and Gilbert and George

- Necromancy, A book of short stories,written by Claire Pestaille with essay by David Thorp and forward by Beth Greenacre

- The Girl with a Pearl Earring and The Prince, Miser & Now, Edition 7

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Scholarships \ Grants


- Cite Des Arts International, Paris


- RCA Study Scholarship

 Hoschule de kust, Berlin


- Laura Ashley Foundation

- Julia Gompert Memorial Scholarship, Italy


Teaching/ Experience

Acland Burghley secondary school, PGCE A-level and GCSE student teaching assistant

Sunderland University Arts Faculty, visiting lecturer

Chelsea College of Art and Design, visiting student lecturer 

1997 Studio assistant, Chris Ofili



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