Winter Salon 2021: IT'S A WRAP!

26 November - 24 December 2021

The gallery’s Winter Salon second edition opens in Ramsgate on the 26 November 2021 until 24 December 2021.


Fabio Almeida, Zuza Czarniavska, Katrina Blannin, Sasha Bowles, Stephen Brandes, Chilly Cactus, Russell Chater, Duncan Cheetham, Rosalind Davis, Natasha de Samarkandi, Marianne Dissard. Don Eachells, Drew Edwards, Steven Geddes, Justin Hibbs, Bérénice Mayaux, Claire Pestaille, Ruth E. Rollason, Jemima Sara, Sophia Schorr-Kon, Bob and Roberta Smith, Natalka Liber Stephenson, Michael Stubbs, Jessica Voorsanger

It's a Wrap is the conclusion to a pretty turbulent year world-wide. Covid, the Climate, it has been an 'on and off' year out of self-isolation in which we tried to rediscover normality in a changing world.  In 2020 the gallery had launched its first Winter Salon, but the last-minute lockdown sharply closed it down with every other place and cancelled Christmas altogether. So, this second Winter Salon is nothing short of the Renaissance


Artists won't tell you this, but they love lockdowns.  Nothing better than bolt oneself in the studio, capture the zeitgeist and make the best of the alteration of rhythm for thinking time.  With this in mind, we have selected for this Winter Salon 24 Artists, and since this year has to end with some creative mess, their work will be exhibited in a free salon display.  Coming from numerous horizons, many live and work in Ramsgate, others in the rest of the UK, in France and in Ireland.  The exhibition will be irreverent and chaotic with a salutary dose of humour and crossovers, through a great diversity of practice, pursuits, and aesthetic language.  The confine of the gallery aims at being the scene of an experiment in progress, related to the present, contemporary to these changing times.


Ultimately, very big questions about sustainability loom on all of us. Artists who make things with their own hands, and devote their life to this process, can help provide some of the answers.  Their work is the antithesis of the mass-produced items flooding the supply chain and choking the planet in hyper standardisation.  The gallery hopes that this Winter Salon and the ones in the following years will produce an ongoing dialogue about the participative role of art in the transition to a more sustainable world.