Jessica Voorsanger American, b. 1965

Jessica Voorsanger is a multimedia artist who explores popular culture, in particular ‘celebrity’, through obsession, fans and media representation; using a range of media, including painting, photography, performance and film. She has extensively exhibited since the mid-nineties in the UK, Europe and the United States. Recently she has developped a new practice working on elaborate embroidery compositions.  Although she has been working with clothing design for most of her career, this new body of works is as much a continuation as a new departure.

Using plant-based textile as core material, she sources recycled clothes and vintage fabrics, employing an impressive range of sewing skills. The work is a labyrinth of patterns, whether in the textile samples or the alternating lines bound by threads. In her work, thread is as much compositional as it is functional. Stretched onto the wall with antique curtain rings, these constructions of vintage material are also a tableau of history and design.