Trace Elements | 1971

Opened from 9 to 22 October 2021 in a 67,000 sqft industrial space The Factory Project is one of the highlights of Frieze week. 


Transforming an old Tate & Lyle Factory in the Thameside Industrial Estate, The Factory Project is an independent museum-scale display, showcasing work from over 100 artists. The organisers and co-curators are Eric Thorp and Nicholas Stavri (Thorp Stavri).  A monumental festival of curation’  takes place in a North Woolwich warehouse during Frieze Week, when 10 UK based curators/curatorial groups are invited to present exhibitions of sculpture, painting, drawing, video, performance and installation from emerging and mid-career artists. 


Gallery artist Rosalind Davis is the curator of the exhibition Trace Elements | 1971 

which includes the artists Hermione Allsopp,Fabio Almeida, Sasha Bowles, Rosalind Davis & Justin Hibbs, Richard Perry, Lex Shute, Lisa Traxler, and Andrea V Wright.


Trace Elements | 1971 is a title that references this incredible building’s links back to the industrial era whilst also acknowledging the cumulative impact of subsequent phases of its history. Themes that bring these artists’ practices together are transformation and experience. Their works respond directly to buildings or contexts, scraping back layers of history, materiality or indeed reality, to create new or alternate spaces, objects and environments.


9 October 2021