The Art of Jessica Voorsanger

Edited by Jean Wainwright, with contributions from Louisa Buck, Emily Druiff, Kathy Kubicki, Deborah Robinson and Ralph Rugoff., 2014
The Art of Jessica Voorsanger
Publisher: Black Dog Publishing
Dimensions: 21.59 x 3.18 x 28.58 cm
Pages: 160
ISBN-13: 978-1908966858
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The book explores a range of Jessica Voorsanger's work, from karaoke performances, kitsch installations, paintings and sculpture, with a particular focus on new work emerging from her ongoing project, The Impostor Series. By using humor and parody, her work is also able to tackle tough topics including her personal cancer treatment, gender politics, and the discomfort that we can feel as an audience through humor. As a book The Art of Jessica Voorsanger operates on the same plain as the world she is critiquing, the design itself drawing on celebrity annuals, memories of falling in love with David Cassidy, and a childhood spent celebrity-spotting in New York's Upper East Side. The publication takes on board all of the playfulness, seriousness and vibrance of Voorsanger's work, contributing to the wide-reaching current discussion in society around celebrity in an engaging way.